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Overthinker by birth, Feminist, Love any form of creativity…

Me covering my head since I am not able to see the camera in the sun

It took two hours of staring into the laptop and reading all the fantastic author’s About Me Stories even to get started with this one. When I got to know about this publication, I was so excited! Oh, I get to share something about me with the world!

After getting accepted as a writer and opening a draft in my Medium Editor? Crickets…

Anyway… So who am I?

I am a 23-year-old (about to be 24) woman living with her husband in Bangalore, India. My family (mother, father, and younger sister) live 200 meters away from my house — too far, I know! …

Shruthi Sundaram (05/09/2021)


Welcome to Week 4 of my photo journal!

It’s been a month since I’ve been taking one photo every day! And what a journey has it been!

Something that started as a hobby has become a part of my everyday life in such a short period. Every week I have strived to have a theme to my pictures, but since this week was filled with randomness, I thought I’d have that as the theme. I’m just somehow hoping that it makes sense in your head as it is making sense in mine:)

On Sunday, as my husband and I were returning from our evening shopping spree, we noticed…

Shruthi Sundaram

A dedication to cloudy skies and rainy days

This week I have spent every day tinkering with my new DSLR. And what better way to experiment than going to my terrace?

As a beloved lover of skies, this week truly made me look at them from a different perspective. From the time I can remember, I have been in awe of sunsets and sunrises. The only reason I hated the rainy season was that it covered the incredible rise and fall, not allowing me to capture the spew of red, yellow, and orange lights in the sky.

But this week, I watched the clouds with a different perspective…

Shruthi Sundaram (28/08/2021)


Welcome to week 3 of my photo journal!

It’s been three weeks since I started the photo-journal practice, and now I’m struggling to keep up. There are days where I forget to take a photo throughout the day, and then just before going to bed, I’ll be like, “Oh Shit!”.

This week most of the days faced that situation, which is why this week’s theme is based on “night”.

Every week, I’m trying to keep up with a theme for the challenge, and what better to dedicate an article to the light sources around me? Perfect for some late-night photos:)

Earlier this week, I had gone to my…

I finally stopped giving a f*ck about anyone other than myself

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

Growing up, you could call me a typical “Tomboy.”

I never focused on how I looked, preferred wearing baggy pants & shirts, wore round spectacles inspired by Harry Potter, and yeah… I spent most of my time either reading, watching Pokemon, or playing with Beyblades/badminton.

Looking back, I might have enforced that identity on myself because of various body issues from a young age, but that’s a story for another day.

And yes, I didn’t care to “groom”—no shaving, waxing, or getting my eyebrows done. I hated them all from the bottom of my heart. …

Shruthi Sundaram

I usually never put exclamations on my title, but I couldn’t help it this time

Getting a DSLR has been my dream for quite some time now - and I had been saving up for it for the past 2 to 3 months!

But the experience of actually getting and feeling one gives a whole another level of euphoria, that cannot be explained. Gradually learning the settings, figuring the buttons out, and even unboxing the package is a memory I’ll always cherish.

Especially when you’re getting it from your own money.

If you’ve followed me, you would know that I have gotten obsessed with photography for the past couple of months. But the process always…

Shruthi Sundaram: Evening Sky (21/8/2021)


My second week of continuously taking photos every day

Nightlife in my city has always fascinated me. I have constantly felt that the darkness has a beauty that can equally compete with the wonderfulness of the day.

From the rays of the moon hitting our planet to the lights throughout the city, from the myriad of smells that come from the street food stalls to the peace and calm of the night…everything seems to be 10X more powerful after 6 to 7 pm in India (sunset time).

It’s beautiful. It’s dark. It’s wonderful. It’s calming.

Shruthi Sundaram

Today, I saw my apartment garden with a different perspective

Since I have become obsessed with photography, I have started to become highly attuned to nature.

The smell of petrichor before the rain, the tiny buds before bloom, the brightness and variety of colors around me, everything seems much more fascinating than before. And it almost seems like my eyes cannot get enough of the beauty around me, neither can my Samsung M31 save that many photos:)

**I have actually started to transfer photos to my laptop on a fortnightly basis…Haha.

I hope this list helps to mitigate some of your concerns

Photo by JK on Unsplash

With the second wave of Coronavirus slowly coming down and the numbers reducing, travel souls around the country are trying to get back on roads. There are still doubts regarding the states opening up, the documents required, and whether travelers are allowed or not.

With the tourism ministry sending out a notice to states to allow fully vaccinated travelers to visit without a negative RTPCR test, states are slowly opening up tourism now.

So, here’s a list of states in India that allow fully vaccinated travelers to travel without negative RTPCR (Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) reports.

1. Uttarakhand

It brought us closer, it made us best friends, it became our jam.

Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

As I entered our medium-sized two-bedroom home, the smell of cheese and oregano assaulted my nostrils. The house was filled with the aromas of different kinds of cheese, with the flavor of the day — Paneer Tikka.

My husband was preparing Mac & Cheese. Again.

My partner and I have had a tug of war relationship with the dish for quite some time now. Our journey with it has included extremes. There were times when we cooked it 4 to 5 times a week, to the extent where we had gotten sick of the taste and didn’t make it for…

Shruthi Sundaram

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