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It took two hours of staring into the laptop and reading all the fantastic author’s About Me Stories even to get started with this one. When I got to know about this publication, I was so excited! Oh, I get to share something about me with the world!

After getting accepted as a writer and opening a draft in my Medium Editor? Crickets…

Anyway… So who am I?

I am a 23-year-old (about to be 24) woman living with her husband in Bangalore, India. My family (mother, father, and younger sister) live 200 meters away from my house — too far, I know! …

A life realization after months of struggle

Have you felt jealous of your peers in terms of their financial status or their relationships? Even if they are your friends?

I still remember my best friend calling me one day and telling me that she has got a job in a new company for about twice my salary. While I was extremely happy for her growth, this tinge of subconscious jealousy hit me. Why am I not like her? When will I get to the same financial position? Such thoughts started to swirl in my head.

It took me a long time to realize that there will always…

The success you gain from your career will automatically make you passionate about it

Social media today has painted an unrealistic picture of the ideal career.

I have been confused about which career path to choose for months now. The lockdown made me realize that what I was doing didn’t give me a sense of “purpose” or make me “excited” for the day. Therefore, I turned to social media for answers.

All I could see were digital nomads traveling whenever and wherever they could, people waking up inspired every day, and entrepreneurs loving what they do because their “work” doesn’t feel like a “job.” …

I am not as strong as I thought

My career has shown me a mirror of what I truly am, instead of who I thought myself to be.

Let me start from the beginning. It has been two and half years since I graduated from university (2018). After sitting for 13 interviews, I finally got placed in a big firm and have worked as a developer ever since. And it’s been an eye-opening experience.

Even though it has not been a long time, my day job has taught me so much more than just the coding intricacies. …

This recent realization, has tremendously changed the way I make decisions

For as long as I can remember, I have always been an extrovert.

I thrived in groups and never had a problem starting conversations with people or adjusting to new places. Until March 23, 2020, I remember myself as a person who could not sit alone for prolonged periods — I used to become very restless. Then, there was the lockdown due to pandemic.

My journey has not been easy, but I have learned to connect with my inner self because of this phase — and I will value this for life.

When the lockdown started, my husband and I…

And some tips to improve your sleep using the technique

Until college, I had always been an early sleeper and riser. Yes, I could stay awake for some occasions like my friend’s birthdays, but I usually preferred to go to bed by 11 pm and get up by 6 or 7 am. I used to stay with my parents then.

But after starting to work and getting married, my sleep cycle went for a toss, and it became significantly worse after the lockdown. Unfortunately, I also got the absurd idea that I was a “night” person thus was more productive after the sunset.

I will not deny that this change…

Why announcing goals before you make them is a bad idea

I had always been this person who spent a ridiculous amount of time planning my goals till last year. Be in my career goals, study objectives, fitness goals, or writing goals. Preparing for them seemed like a monumental task in itself, and I used to feel a sense of accomplishment. Hey, I am at least “trying” to improve myself!

This accomplishment factor led to me sing about my goals far and wide — my friends, family, or whoever I was meeting. I also “inspired” others to start things with me or to create their list of goals.

But after all…

It is okay to experiment and bring out your creativity from time to time

There are few lessons that I learned very early on Medium:

  1. Make sure to keep the reader in mind and write stories for them.
  2. Have a “Final thoughts” or a “Takeaway” section at the end of every article.
  3. Make sure to divide your blog into listicles if possible.
  4. As a beginner, start writing about self-improvement, relationships, money, and writing to receive traction for your articles.
  5. The best reading time for an article is 4 to 6 minutes.

But as time went on, I started questioning all the advice mentioned above. Do we NEED to follow the standard templates every time…

Have you felt a sense of calm wash over you after crying?

From time immemorial, society has always asked us to hide our tears. They have been perceived as something weak and not seen as a way humans express joy, sadness, grief, happiness, or frustration.

But did you know that crying is healthy for your body? When was the last time you let your tears flow without stopping them? Without feeling ashamed of them?

Did a sense of calm wash over you after the incident?

The last time I bawled my eyes out was last week. I was always a person who hated crying and still suppress it. I thought it made…


I finally understood what “chilling” meant

Gokarna is an Indian coastal beauty situated on the Arabian sea. It is a small town in Karnataka (state) and is also a place of holy worship for many Hindus. The best part? It is a perfect blend of mountains and sea since it is situated on the Western Ghats of India.

The town itself is a small one and has only become popular in recent times due to foreign tourists looking for a silent place to relax, as an alternative for Goa. Goa is another coastal area of India situated 50 km from Gokarna. It becomes very crowded and…

Shruthi Sundaram

Writer, traveler, and an avid reader. I write about social issues and my perspective on life. Feel free to connect with me on shruthisundaram2503@gmail.com

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