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Travel & Social Issues Writer| Photographer | 3X Top Writer. I aim to inspire people through my words and stories. Newsletter:

Overthinker by birth, Feminist, Love any form of creativity…

Me covering my head since I am not able to see the camera in the sun

Shruthi Sundaram (3rd Oct 2021)


Week 7 of my photo diary from 3rd Oct to 9th Oct 2021

How I learnt to see the positives when negativity swallowed me

Shruthi Sundaram

Trust me. There are tons of reasons.

Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

Shruthi Sundaram: Last photo of our homestay (25th September 2021)

My photo diary from 25th September to 2nd October

I whispered. I shouted. I announced. I smiled.

Shruthi Sundaram: Photo of Venkataraman Mahalingam walking down the hill during one of our recent treks. The picture seemed suitable for this poetry:)

A walk down the memory lane

Shruthi Sundaram

Shruthi Sundaram


An extra-long photo entry of my life from 18th-24th September

Exploring Africa, skydiving, solo travel, nomad lifestyle, we cover it all

Photo credits: Anne Bonfert

This Shiva Temple in South India truly mesmerized me and I bet you’d love it too

Shruthi Sundaram

Shruthi Sundaram

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