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Shruthi Sundaram
2 min readMay 17, 2022


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From our schools and colleges, the importance of networking has always gotten drilled into our heads. And many times, our worth has been established based on the value of your network.

So why should it be different in the online world?

This is especially true when there’s been an exponential increase in creative online businesses because of the “You-know-who” pandemic. Entrepreneurs and others alike have flocked into the online world, selling their products and services to customers worldwide.

Internet today has given us immense access to the talent and customer pool. So why not strategically use it to differentiate ourselves from thousands of others in the same space?

Building and maintaining connections is an art that you must fine-tune over time. If you know, you know.

I’ve been interacting with tons of people and building a small online community around me for the past two years. Over time, I have made thousands of mistakes and lost opportunities.

I don't want you to go through the same thing. So I made the mistakes and learned from them for you.

So I released a FREE eBook genuinely designed to help you in your journey.

Here you go!!

After reading, you’ll be able to

  • Build your system to meet and build online relationships
  • Get ideas to reach out and connect with people above and below you on the ladder.
  • With systematic execution, get on the radar of big accounts

Concepts discussed:

  • Eight subtle mindset shifts you need to become a prolific networker
  • How to find the right people to connect with?
  • 7 Tips to Use for Building Deeper Online Relationships
  • Create a system not to get overwhelmed and maintain connections
  • How to get into the radar of large accounts.
  • How can I help you next?

BONUS: You also get access to:

  • ALL EDITIONS of my weekly newsletter Social Media Conversations for FREE, where I’ll help you tell better stories and build digital connections.
  • A 90-min FREE coaching call to help you as an entrepreneur.

Further details are present inside!!

After reading the book, I hope you would have gained some clarity on how to dip your feet into the vast ocean of online communities.

P.S: I’m always open to feedback, so let me know how the book helped you and didn’t. I can also add more chapters to help you better, so be as critical as possible :)



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