Social Media Conversations: A Must-Have Newsletter To Build Your Brand

Especially for creative entrepreneurs who are just starting off

Shruthi Sundaram
3 min readMay 3, 2022
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The “You Know Who” pandemic has made the internet more populated than ever, with businesses popping up at every corner of the world wide web.

And if you’re a business owner, who is just starting, you might feel frustrated about the overwhelming competition. Yes, you might have done your market research, found out a problem that needs to be solved, and put 110% effort into creating a solution too.

But with people getting bombarded with sales pitches, ads and offers, the question, “How the fuck do I stand out from the crowd?” is bound to drive you nuts. It did for me too.

It did not take me long to jump onto the bandwagon of writing DMs/emails to strangers on the internet, desperately asking them for any favour. With no response for months, of course. It took hell loads of frustration, irritation and whatnot to stop and question myself, “What am I doing? Will I like it if someone messages me in that manner?”.

And that’s when everything about how I approached my business changed.

How do you stand out in an overcrowded market?

Building a business was easier in olden times. Most local businesses took advantage of their contacts and referrals to spread the word about their work. Then slowly and steadily, business trickled in, and the owners started serving their customers.

Unfortunately, we have forgotten that word of mouth is still the best marketing strategy. The chance of you getting a client increases multifold if you’re referred by someone you have already built trust with.

Wait, wait…did I mention trust?

Yes, of course! Building trust with your clients and customers has become paramount for you to survive in this cluttered online world. So, now the critical question to be asked is:

How do you build trust online?

Human connections: Build relationships and Tell great stories

People don’t buy products. They buy emotions.

It has been time and again proved that storytelling can evoke the strongest emotions and move people. Building relationships with the right people has catapulted tons of entrepreneurs towards their goals. Investing time in building loyalty with the customers has made founders billionaires over time. And what better example than Apple?

But most entrepreneurs don’t consider these crucial points initially, forgetting that while most “marketing hacks” and “influencer marketing” can get you sales, you cannot get customers.

And that’s where “Social Media Conversations” comes to the rescue!

It’s a FREE newsletter aimed to help YOU improve your storytelling and connection building skills with the right people. If you want to stay in the game long term, you have to play it accordingly, and I can help you get there!

Topics you can (approximately) expect.
**since I don’t want to put boundaries on learning

  • How to tug the heartstrings of your readers through powerful storytelling techniques.
  • How to build great relationships and communities and collaborate with people.
  • Teeny tiny, but magnanimous mindset shifts that stop you from achieving your full potential.
  • Fantastic curated resources to help you push in the right direction.
  • Industry case studies that you can learn loads from.

Interested? Hop on in the fantastic journey with me to learn as much as possible!



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